Two parties??

Well, I haven’t posted in awhile cause I’ve been busy singing and I’m still working on my Brigantine entry, but I thought a day with two Halloween parties deserves a post. Plus it’s the best time to use my own exorcist picture.

We have one party that starts at 6 and one that starts at 7:30; however, this being the Northwest and all, start times are a little fuzzy, so we’ll be able to go to both. The 6 PM party is a Harry Potter themed party. The Sweetie’s going as Mr. Dursley, and I’ll be Prof. Trelawny. I had quite a day on Wednesday shopping at Value Village to find parts of our outfits.

I’m feeling quite stressed and angst filled about the upcomming election. I’m still having trouble wrapping my head around what it is people see in Bush. I just had coffee with a good friend of mine and she’s “undecided.” She “just doesn’t trust Kerry.” My whole problem with this is that we’ve given Bushie 4 years and we see how bad that is, even if you’re unsure of Kerry, can it really be worse? Really? Do you truly think so? I spent a good hour trying to convince her that Kerry’s worth her vote, but I’m not sure I got anywhere.

*My Head Explodes Here*

We just got Air America radio in Seattle. Yay! It’s so good to be able to listen to people who believe the same things I do…for a long time I was convinced that I must be the only one.

OK, onto frizzing up the hair (like that’ll be hard).



Curses to the Evil , who got me hooked on Marcona Almonds with Rosemary. $7.98 a bag! Curses!

Funny Mother-In-Law

I just got a hilarious e-mail from my mother-in-law. This is even funnier if you know that she’s British, and she rarely uses any punctuation in e-mail (so this must be a special occasion). Here is an excerpt:

I thought you might want to know my favorite country western songs for this week I listen to this great station while I am working on my room
“She can leave her shoes under my bed anytime”

“God made Oklahoma”

“I can see Texas through my rear view mirror”

“The girls get prettier at closing time”

“Drop me off in Montana”

I put a door in this week, nearly died when it fell on me. But it is in, now I have to get doorknobs. The next big event is putting the tile floor down. It is a beautiful time of year I wish it would stay. Well, have a good week, let me know if you get that package heaven knows where I sent it.

Trip Report- NJ 9/26 to 10/4/04

I just spent 9 days in NJ. Yes, NJ. Before you ask, it’s because I grew up there/have family there/was meeting friends there. The actual purpose of the trip was to have a reunion with my dearest friends from college. We rented a house in Brigantine, NJ, and had a great time. I also saw my family.

For a full trip report, read on