The SCC is singing with the Seattle Symphony on New Year’s Eve. We’re doing selections from Porgy and Bess, and I’m so thrilled. First of all, this is a paid gig for the choral company, which means, unlike most New Year’s Eves, we’re not laying out a tremendous amount of money…instead, we’re making it. All we have to do is show up and sing!

Second, in my house growing up, I was taught that George Gershwin was the greatest American composer who had ever lived. His music is part of my soul, and getting a chance to sing this work is just amazing, especially since white people don’t usually get to sing it at all.

Third, we’re singing with the entire Seattle Symphony. We’ve sung with the Symphony Pops before, but not the whole shebang. Lemme tell you, standing behind all those instruments is just an incredibly powerful experience.

Fourth, the soloists are breathtaking. When Porgy/Crown sings, I just about melt.

Fifth, we’re being led by Maestro Gerard Schwarz, who was the conductor of the New Jersey Symphony Orchestra in my youth. It’s one of those “full circle” moments (as Oprah would say).

Sixth, New Year’s Eve is the night I was conceived, so I always like to celebrate it with special fervor. (aside, October 5th, my birthday, is the most popular birthday in the US, presumably because everyone’s gettin it on on NYE…)

Seventh, I get to spend New Year’s Eve in (arguably) one of the most beautiful buildings in Seattle. Plus, we’re invited to the Gala party in the lobby afterwards, and guess who is playing in the dance band? That’s right, the Sweetie. How’s that for a family New Year’s Eve?

The one and only bummer is that since the Sweetie’s playing, once again, I will not get to dance with him. Oh well, with so many other wonderful things, I can live with that.


Jesus as a Progressive


In other news, Christmas was quiet, just as we wanted. No tree this year…just electric candles in the front windows and some poinsettias. I got this a few weeks before Christmas, well, because, I sign for the packages and it seemed silly to wait.

I gave the Sweetie this.

We made Roast Beef and Yorkshire pudding like always, well, because there are some traditions you just shouldn’t do without.

Merry F’ing Christmas

So, I go down to the Post Office to use the APC to buy stamps for Christmas cards today. Of course I expected the Post Office to be busy. Of course I expected to wait. However, I get behind two people, and I realize the woman at the APC is RECEIVING HELP FROM A POST OFFICE EMPLOYEE. Now, I know that computin’ is hard, and that people get confused, but please, lady, if you need help WAIT IN FUCKING LINE LIKE EVERYONE ELSE. After 10 minutes of the lady helping her with her packages, the next girl gets up, and the lady asks her what she needs to do. Apparently, she’s not ready either, so the Post Office lady says, well, let’s go over here so this lady can do what she needs to. Great! So, I step up and buy my stamps. When Post Office lady returns, she says “Oh, you’re done,” and I say “Yeah, that’s why  I use the APC, so I can get done quickly.”

But you know, really, I shouldn’t be surprised. Here in the Seattle area, people like to think they’re polite, but really, what they are is non-confrontational. Really, they’re much ruder here than in NY/NJ because they just don’t give a shit what you’re trying to do and they don’t pay any attention at all to the fact that they might be in your way or causing you to wait unnecessarily. Like today after the Post Office, I went to Top Foods, and some lady was standing and looking at the refrigerated section of soups for a good 5 minutes. Now, she has every right to be there, but if she’s having trouble making up her mind, she should step back or aside and let the woman who’s been behind her for 5 minutes get her soup and go.

This kind of behavior popped up again on the way home. Highway 522 merges from two lanes down to one, and this is a big problem. Drivers out here have no concept of the zipper merge. Instead, they always merge way too early, and then try and block the people coming in from the merging lane because they feel like they have a right to be far ahead. OK, so I’m in the right lane, which is the lane that needs to merge. In front of me is a huge tractor trailer that chooses to merge early. OK, fine, I understand that (I guess). So, after he merges, I drive the extra .5 mile in the right lane so I can zipper merge. Wouldn’t you know it? Some asshole moves over and sits between the left and right lane because he thinks that I’m trying to “get around” the merge or do something illegal. Luckily, there’s a rather large shoulder, so I just drive in the shoulder and get around the asshole (thus, doing something illegal, but hey, he made me). This is the only place I’ve ever lived where someone will actually pull in front of you in the fast lane to keep you from going fast. Of course the gutless sheep behind me refused to follow me, so I was the only one who actually got to zipper merge

Don’t even get me started about buying useless presents for people.

Happy Fucking HO HO HO.

Bush is the Antichrist and Rudolph is Gay

You gotta love the Seattle Weekly (or perhaps you don’t). In any case, this week, we learn that George W. Bush may be the Antichrist, and that Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer is probably gay. Sadly, I had already realized both of these things and the fact that the Weekly has confirmed them just means I have no more original thoughts (If I ever did). Also, as Mr. Weicking notes, the Wizard of Oz is just teeming with gay overtones. I just saw it again recently and am realizing my love affair with this movie from my youth is just re-confirmation that I am a gay man in a woman’s body. Of course, this just makes me EXTREMELY hetero, and therefore, not very interesting, but such is my lot in life.

Congrats to frodo_jim, who is now Worshipful Master of his lodge. Like my father and his father before him, and countless other men of merit, I trust he will do the office proud. Luckily for my father, my grandfather (who was 33rd degree) lived long enough to be part of his induction ceremony, and I can remember that my father was beaming. I, however, have told my father that I will only become part of the Masonic organization when and if women can be Masons, and not just women who have to wear long white polyester dresses. That’s right, when I can wear a tux, I’ll be right there. However, yesthattom has found a way that women can be Worshipful Master. I sent this link to my father and have received no response which probably means he’s not amused. Of course Dad has a sense of humor about everything but himself. This weekend rounded out when I finally saw Priscilla Queen of the Desert for the first time, and I was quite glad I had read this article first, as I felt much more informed. Thanks Tom (and congrats on the quote). 

I read with amusement (bemusement?) a list of “Top 10 Things that are Wrong with Drew” in . I found it amusing (as I’m sure those of you on my Flist who went there did) because they were pretty much the same things that sucked when we there, and, I’m sure, also pretty much the same things that sucked when my parents went there in the 60s. Even more amusing is that the poor poster had to delete the post because apparently the gentle souls there could not take the negativity (more similarities). Ahhh…life…incredibly circular, no?

Finally, thanks to boniblithe for passing along another LJ virus. Please check in here to be counted.