10 things meme

I saw this in yesthattom‘s and mrfantasy‘s LJ and thought I would try it. I think it’s 10 things people on my FList have not done? Since I was in college with some of you and worked with some others, this is going to be a challenge. So, let’s try:

1. Ate dinner at the White House.
2. Therefore, shook hands with both Bill and Hillary Clinton.
3. Got married in Las Vegas.
4.Rode in a helicopter over the Las Vegas Strip.
5. Posed nude for a painting.
6. Married my 10th cousin.
7. Sang a solo in Avery Fisher Hall.
8. Met, hugged, and had my picture taken with Tom Jones.


9. Got a Brazilian wax?
10. Saw Yul Brynner in the King and I on Broadway.


Bald Eagle

Yesterday as I was driving home, right before the turn off for our road, there was a bald eagle on the side of the road. He was eating the carcass of some animal. So, here I was awed by the presence of our national bird, and a little disgusted by what he was doing. Or, maybe I was disgusted by the fact that Carl Rove was on the radio. Come to think of it, perhaps it’s a fitting metaphor for how he and all of his neocon cronies are treating the rest of the world.
In the musical 1776, Benjamin Franklin and John Adams are having a discussion about what should be the national emblem for this country coming out of its egg. Franklin is in favor of the turkey, while Adams wants the eagle. Franklin points out that the Eagle is a scavenger and violent and is a bad representation for this nascent country–Adams wins out.
Even though the eagle became our national emblem, both Adams and Franklin would be absolutely horrified by this current administration.
Regardless, the eagle was quite a sight, and I feel so lucky to have seen it. According to this site there are only 7678 pairs of bald eagles in the US, which doesn’t sound like a whole lot to me, so seeing one was quite a bit of serendipity.


I’ve been doing the home computer consulting thing, and it’s so far so good. In between I’ve been working on re-doing our website so it’s more a business site than a personal one. I had a breakthrough when I decided to start with absolutely no formatting and instead design the navigation first. But, it has to have design, and I once again am reminded how much I’m not a designer.

A few months ago, I decided to stop using anti-perspirant with aluminum, and have started instead using deodorant, and since I’m trying to be healthier, I’ve bought natural deodorants. Well, after years of using Secret Platinum, with which I can do days without showering (not that I did), I’m now back to actually getting stinky. What surprises me most about this is that my pits can get stinky even if I’m not sweating. What’s up with that?

I’ve got a head cold right now, which sucks. It sucks all the more because I have a concert next week, and at rehearsal on Wednesday night I chose not to sing, which was really tough, both on me and everyone else. I’m stuffy and drippy and my voice is all croaky. Here’s hoping my voice comes back.

I haven’t mentioned Johnny Carson yet, but his passing does mark the end of an era. I remember very clearly the first time I was up to see him and I felt so privileged. The thing that hit me when my grandfathers died (both in the same year) is that one of the reasons that deaths affect us so much is that it means that we, too, are getting older. Neither of my grandmothers really have friends left of their age. This is not something I’m looking forward to.