White Smoke/Black Smoke

I’m liking the whole white smoke/black smoke concept. I think we should each wear pins…black smoke for normal days, white smoke for when we’ve made a major life decision. Then, it can be a conversation starting point…

“I see you’re wearing a white smoke pin, what’s going on?”

“Well, thank you for asking, in fact, I’m (getting married, having a baby, moving, starting a new job, etc.)”

Moreover, on election night, instead of the endless talking heads who don’t know anything jabbering on, how about they just show a chimney with black smoke until some results come in. Then, they switch to an inset of white smoke, announce the results and go back to black smoke.

It would sort of be like the burning log on Christmas day.

Gee, don’t you wish you lived in *my* world?


Small Life Lessons

Always have a fax machine connected to your phone line. Then, when you get one of those wrong numbers that’s a fax machine, it can be picked up.

Case in point: Friday, the same happened to me, and it happened to be a coupon to a sonics game. Now of course, I called the Sonics and told them that they faxed to the wrong folks, but it did make for an interesting addition to my day.

Of course the Sonics have not been polite enough to call and thank me for my honesty and tell me to go ahead and use the coupon, but I know that they meant to.

This is not the first time I’ve gotten something interesting on the fax. A couple of times, I’ve gotten Veterinary reports. Imagine the privacy implications if they were people’s medical reports and not animal’s. Does that happen? Yikes!!

The ACLU has a sense of humor!

A great way to get a point across: http://www.aclu.org/pizza/images/screen.swf.

ps – watched West Wing last night and am still trying to wrap my head around it. I mean, even if I can accept that one final speech by Santos turns the tide…Leo?? Come ON. Is the theory that the scandals about him have already been exposed? How the heck is he gonna help carry the South?

pps – home maintenance is expensive and annoying. I want to live in a shack in the woods. More on this later.