Tom Cruise, religion, and You

I’ve been mildly amused by the brouhaha over Tom Cruise in recent weeks. You should, if you have a few spare moments, watch the Today Show video of Matt Lauer’s interview with Cruise. Unfortunately, Matt didn’t fully call Tom out on his arrogance. IMHO, he should have said “How the hell do you know what I know or do not know about psychology, or, for that matter, that I haven’t read all the same things you’ve read”?

Regardless, I’ve heard that this new Tom Cruise is the result of him firing his old publicist and now using his sister, who’s also converted to Scientology, as his publicist. My supposition here is that he’s just, at the heart of things, a really insecure person because he had such problems learning growing up, and he cannot handle people challenging his beliefs. It also makes me think his former publicist, who only showed us the hero Tom Cruise, who saved various strangers, is a genius!

I was further amused by this article , and some of the links it refers to.

Which all leads me back to religion in general, which is, ALL THE STORIES ARE WHACKY. It does not mean that your faith is in vain, or even that you’re wrong. However, if you look objectively at any religion and its supporting stories, parables, or legends, they just don’t make any rational sense. And isn’t that the point? If things are easy to believe, they don’t really require faith, do they?

As for me, and I think I’ve said this before, I don’t know what I believe anymore, but I’m pretty sure I don’t believe I was an executed alien, but I applaud Tom’s right to believe it, as long as he lets me keep going to therapy.


Is there such a thing?

I’ve been digitizing various and sundry cassette tapes of personal recordings. I’m wondering if there’s anywhere where I can create an online album where I can invite friends/family to download the tracks and burn them to CD (or just have them on the computer).

Essentially, this would be like having a custom “album” online. I thought I remembered seeing something like this awhile ago, but now I cannot find it. It’s not like this is something I especially want to promote or sell, it’s just something I want to be able to share (and I have rights to the stuff, there are no rights issues).

Central Vac

Should you ever be building a new home or remodeling one, consider installing a central vac. When we moved into our house, I was dubious, but I have come to love our central vac. First of all, it has the best suction ever. Second, it doesn’t release dust back into the house (it all goes into the canister/filter which is in the garage).

One of the best things about it, however, is that you can plug the hose right into the main canister and use it to say, clean the garage, or like I did yesterday, vacuum out your car. It works much better than any of those hand held vacs, and there’s no danger of it falling apart and spilling the dirt right back into your car.

It’s a sickness

I have 3 blogs (this is the only one that I really keep up) and a gazillion different e-mail addresses. OK, maybe not a gazillion, but in addition to the various aliases I’ve created that go back to my main domain e-mail address, I have 1 Verizon address (with one alias), 1 Gmail address, and now I have 2 Hotmail Addresses. Why? Because onceiwascool let it be known that now you can get firstname.lastname addresses, and I just can’t let someone else get my name. How pathetic is that?

I’ve now had my main hotmail address for 5 years, and I’ll likely hold onto it until I die, but since the 2 GB of space will go away when and if I ever move and therefore give up my defacto MSN membership that comes as part of our DSL package (or go with some other provider, whichever comes first), I’m going to start trying to move all the various and sundry newsletters I get over to Gmail.