Best/Worst in HDTV

This is highlarious (get it??).

Since we first got HDTV I’ve been horrified by the skin of our local newscasters and even more horrified by their makeup jobs. So, it’s nice to know that someone else is paying attention and getting to the really important issues of the day.

Swanni’s Annual Best and Worst HDTV List


I’m still alive, really

I’ve been fairly busy for an unemployed person. Well, self-employed. I have rehearsal every night except for Fridays, and since our SCC rehearsals started last Tuesday, I’m actually double booked one night a week.

I’m really enjoying being involved in a show again. It is so much different than choral singing, and so much fun. Choral singing is rewarding because it is challenging and because the sound we produce is sometimes so breathtakingly beautiful I find myself carried away. But, at the end of the day, it’s usually not “fun.” Musical Theater? Fun, fun, fun. Laughs. Fun.

Anyway, I’m finding myself a bit worn out, even not being employed, and am looking forward to when the MSTT show opens so I can have more nights of the week open. I’ve lost 3 pounds though. This is on top of the 2 I apparently lost sometime over the last few months. So, that makes 5, and 10 down from my all time high! Woohoo!

I have so many feelings of inadequacy related to my return to musical theater. So, it’s good that all I’m doing is chorus numbers because that makes me less self conscious about my feelings of inadequacy (if that makes sense). With choral singing, I’m pretty sure that I could be in any choral group anywhere in the world. I just feel I’m that well trained. I’m not the best singer ever, nor am I a superior musician, I’m just well trained. Since my last intensive theater experiences (besides the two shows at MSFT) were in high school, and I never took a single theater class in college, I feel like I missed some training I should have gotten.

But I pretty much feel like I missed some training on just about everything I attempt to do, so musical theater’s no different.

Anyway, costumes are tonight. I am neither the fattest nor the thinest, the oldest nor the youngest, the tallest nor the shortest on stage. This is a good thing.

Mobile Phone black hole

I discovered this week that T-Mobile has street level coverage maps. I do not have T-Mobile service, but Cingular and T-Mobile use the same technology (GSM). We’ve never been able to get decent wireless service at our house. This year, we finally bought phones that sort of work, but I still need a land line to have a real conversation.

So, I checked out the coverage map, and found that we do, indeed live in a black hole. My friend, who didn’t believe me about the level of service said that it looked like the only place that had worse coverage was the bottom of the lake at the end of the street.

Anyway, thought I’d pass the feature along cause I think it’s neat. 

Rescue Me

The second season of Rescue Me ended this week, and I mourn and cannot wait for it to start again. I’m fairly sure that with the demise of Six Feet Under and Sex and the City, Rescue Me is my Favorite Show on Television. The Sopranos is just not on enough anymore for me to put it in the running, cause I’m pissed off that I have to wait so long between seasons.

The writing on Rescue Me is just fabulous. The comedy goes from light to dark to cutting and back again without missing a beat. The drama is heartwrenching and believable and incredibly engaging.
Dennis Leary is an amazing actor. No really, he is. He’s not just funny as hell, this week he amazed me with his dramatic range. Seriously.

So, anyway, get the first season on DVD and the second season when it comes out, or look for it to run again on FX.

My ring finger length and why I’m confused now

My ring finger on my right hand is about 70 mm long. My index finger, on the other hand, is about 68 mm. Give or take, anyway, it’s sort of hard to accurately measure your own fingers. Suffice it to say my ring finger is longer.

Apparently, I should be a lesbian.

According to this article, Lesbians tend to have the more “manly” pattern of having a longer ring finger than index finger.

But, I may be more intelligent and drive better than my more womanly friends, although I’m less fertile.

If only I didn’t like men so much…well, I have said that I am a gay man in a woman’s body.

The Myth of the 2000 buses

I’m sure you’ve all seen the conservative mails and shows discussing the failures of the Mayor of NO and the Governor of LA. One of the key points they make is that there were 2000 buses ready to go and the went unused.

Well, there were, sadly, buses that went unused. It appears, however, that the entire fleet of buses in New Orleans, combining both school buses and public transit buses, was less than 700. In fact, some of those were in use, and shuttled people to the Superdome. It is still terrible that any buses went unused, but <700 is not quite as “buzzy” as 2000, and it seems no one is sure where the figure of 2000 came from.

A full analysis of this can be found here. I (heart) Media Matters.

After the fact that there were unused buses, the thing that bothers me most is that it appears that the folks in the media now do no research on their own. Instead, they just read/listen to/watch each other and propagate falsehoods like they’re playing a game of Post Office. It is a sad, day, indeed, when a purported comedy show, The Daily Show, is the only one that seems to dig bag into the archives and clarify things.