Seattle Choral Company Presents “December Starlight: Carols for the Christmas Season”

The Seattle Choral Company, under the direction of their founder, Fred Coleman, proudly announce their annual holiday celebration, “December Starlight: Carols for the Christmas Season,” a concert affirming the light of human hope and understanding.

There will be two performances: Friday, December 2, at 8:00 pm, at Town Hall Seattle (1119 8th Avenue, at Seneca); and Saturday, December 3, at 8:00 pm, at St. Thomas Episcopal Church (8398 NE 12th Street, in Medina).

“December Starlight: Carols for the Christmas Season” will blend the traditional, familiar carols of the season with some innovative
new works, fashioned by a number of America’s most exciting and respected choral composers.

Ticket Information
• Non-reserved tickets are on sale for $22 (General), $17 (Senior), and $10 (Under 25).
• To purchase by phone 24/7, call Brown Paper Tickets at 1-800-838-3006, or online: December 2nd, December 3rd.
• For more information, visit
• Special group rates are available for groups of 8 or more.
• Groups of 15 or more from schools and non-profit organizations may purchase tickets at 50% off regular prices.


Learned helplessness

My foray back into gigandamundo corporateness has made me start thinking about when it all started falling apart for me and I realize now that my unhappiness with my former employment situation correlates strongly with the decision of the Bush Administration to invade Iraq. I had been struggling at work, being told that I was a “leader” and being asked to take on more responsibility, but just about every move I tried to make was squashed for one reason or another. I believed strongly that we were headed in the wrong direction, and yet any attempt I made to change that direction was futile.

Similarly, I was extremely frustrated at the American public’s seemingly blind acceptance of Bush. I never ever believed that there was a justifiable reason for going into Iraq. I knew it was all lies. And I felt like I was the only one.

So, I felt all alone at work, and all alone in the world, and trapped by everything.

After I left work, other people I knew started leaving. Of course we couldn’t have discussed, in detail, how miserable we had been while we were all there because that would be “counter productive,” or “negative.”

Of course, we couldn’t discuss how wrong the war was, because that was “un-patriotic,” and “un-american.”

Then came long discussions with other former empolyees and I realized I wasn’t all alone.

Then came Air America, and I realized I wasn’t all alone.

So, is it a coincidence that my ability to return to the workforce has corresponded with Bush’s declining poll numbers? Do I need to be able to make sense of the world at large to be able to make sense of my own personal world?

Back at work

I’m not quite sure where my relatively quiet life got so incredibly busy, but I believe it started when we went to the UK and hasn’t stopped.

I started my new job on Monday. Well, sort of, anyway. I spent a week in a conference room in training, and I’m not actually sure when I’ll be getting on the phones and making calls, but I found the week exhausting anyway. I’ve gone from being exposed to daylight and being able to walk up and down my stairs and bring logs in and out of the house to sitting on my ass all day.

Note to people who started around the same time I did and in the same group: my trainer is someone who worked in our group in 1997. She’s a hoot.

Anyway, I have learned quite a lot this week and know that I need to learn more. One of the most important things I learned this week is that I still have quite a bit of anger towards the company, or rather, people in the company, and I really think taking on this job is the best thing that I could have done (albeit unwittingly) to work through that anger. For example, there is a person who was 4 levels up from me back when I was working on what turned out to be a disaster of an OS. Back then, I had a meeting with him (and all the managers in between us) where I was appalled at his attitude. He is now an executive in the organization I am working for. I have realized that getting a chance to see him in this new, completely different role will be great. I will have to cheer on the folks that work there, and as I see their excitement and productivity grow, I can realize that perhaps things have gotten better and respect said executive for his talents in this different area.

I have also learned that it doesn’t really matter what I think, it matters what I know, and my facility with finding information at the company is really what is important in my new role. Perhaps the best news of all is that I have one job. One. I don’t need to branch out and do different things and take on new projects and burn myself out. No, I am paid to do one job and do it well, and I intend to. I also get a chance to refresh and grow my training, mentoring, and advising skills, and I’m really really excited about this.

Anyway, I got my snazzy new laptop, and will likely really start working from home Thanksgiving week. Right now I don’t have permission to connect to work from home, so I will be on campus.

I billed 30 hours this week. This will be almost as much as I made the rest of the year. 🙂

In other news, our performances with the Ballet conclude this week just in time to start ramping up for all of our other concerts. From now until the end of the year I will be singing my head off. My housework is suffering, and I also have a bunch of stuff that I bought wholesale that I was going to sell on Ebay. Oh my.

p.s., yesthattom pointed out this “mashup” (a new term for me), and it’s a lot of fun! Thanks Tom.

All she wants for Christmas

My beloved guinea pig Hildy is an eater. She loves nothing better than her nightly baby carrot, which she usually rips from my hand and takes immediately into her pigloo.

Wednesday night, however, she would not take the carrot, and when we gave it to her, all she would do was sniff it and lick it. I was, of course, duly concerned, and so I took her into the vet the next morning.

$130 later in doctor’s fees and prescriptions, we find out she’s broken off her top teeth. This is not as horrible as it sounds, as rodents’ teeth are constantly growing, and they will grow back. However, it does make it difficult for my sweet little pig to eat her favorite things. So, now, because the pulp was exposed, I’m giving her antibiotics day and night, and probiotics once a day. Oh, and apparently I am an awful mother, and they suspect she had mites, although they didn’t find any, so I am upping her Vitamin C.

All of this for a pig who does not especially like to be handled, so she is experiencing great joy at me picking her up twice a day and shoving medicine down her little throat.

So. Much. Going. On.

We finished our final run of the MSTT show on Saturday. I was not in the show on Friday, because the Sweetie and I went to the Opera to see The End of the Affair. We had purchased these tickets at the Seattle Choral Company auction, and had overpaid for them, so we weren’t about to miss it. This meant the show was missing both of our presences (he has been playing bass). The Opera was, well, interesting. The performances were excellent, and the scenery was well done. However, the music, while not atonal or disturbing, was just, well, nothing much to write home about. It was all very minor and very depressing and just not as good as I’d hoped.

After the Opera (and a fabulous pre-show dinner at Ten Mercer), we stopped by the cast party for the evening. Two friends of mine, who are not in the MSTT but who I know through my former employer, went to the show and were hoping to come to the party because I had told them how much fun they are and how many single women there are! Well, the party was sort of low key that night, and not as fun as I had hoped (although I looked pretty darned good cause I was all dressed up). It just was a mellow evening, but even so I didn’t get home until 3.

Saturday, it was the final night of the show, and the Sweetie had a gig so he was not playing once again. His presence was indeed missed, but even though we had to cut two numbers cause a lead lost her voice, I think it went over OK. Then, we had to strike the entire set. We do these shows in a cafeteria, and we have to get it back to being a cafeteria before we call it a night. The upshot is that we didn’t even start partying until midnight. This party was quite good, and my two friends showed up again, but as they had already been partying for hours, one of them was 3, 4, or even 5 sheets to the wind, so I spent most of the night just making sure he didn’t do anything terribly embarrasing. I got home at about 5 (Standard Time, thank you).

Meanwhile, the nice things that people, particularly other straight women, are saying about my appearance continue. Apparently I have a great rack, and I’m gorgeous and my hair is to die for. Who knew? It’s nice to hear those things…perhaps this is why I like theater so much! 🙂

Sunday, I finally got some chance to relax, but Monday I was right back in the thick of things. I had a new client (a very sweet older couple whose computer is full of viruses), and I had a final phone interview. Yes, you read right, a phone interview. For a contracting position at aforementioned former employer.  

Long story short, I have taken the job and I will be working mostly from home. I start next week. I am apprehensive, but excited to be making money again, as we found out last week we need a new furnace, and money seems to be flowing out of here rather quickly.

Oh, and we start our performances in the Ballet this week. Tomorrow I have two rehearsals, and then shows start Thursday night. Oy, am I busy!!