4 days, no obligations

I have been singing and working my ass off and haven’t had a “free” weekend in Lord knows how long. This weekend, the Sweetie and I have 4 straight days with no obligations besides movie watching, cooking, and maybe straightening up the place.

I do need to catch up on my filing, especially since my business taxes are due in January. I haven’t filed in months. I’ve now got a box full of unfiled bills, receipts and other joyous things.

So, no obligations, no places to be, and not much going on. All the boxes are sent, and I’m just having a glass of wine and relaxing.

I do, of course have some political thoughts though…

As if Christmas wasn’t difficult enough…

John Spencer from West Wing dying has really made things gloomier. Not only did I enjoy his presence on the small screen for almost 20 years, but I really, really, wanted him to be Vice President.

So, about Christmas. I have the same feeling every year, which is, the only people we should have to buy gifts for are children. For everyone else, we should just spend our money on ourselves, because inevitably the gifts we buy ourselves are better than the ones others buy for us. The exception to this, of course, is when people make things for you, which is lovely. Also, I would rather buy gifts for people throughout the year as I see them.

I dislike shopping…I always have. So, the gift part of Christmas just makes me unhappy.

In other news I’ve decided to do send e-cards this year, and I’ll only send mailed cards to a few (like my grandmothers). I do like reaching out to people, but, why kill trees?

We aren’t putting up a tree. We both spend too much time providing Christmas music for other people to have enough time to decorate around here. We’ll be relaxing Christmas weekend, and that’s the best present of all.

Thanksgiving and beyond

We awoke this morning, as we have so many mornings in the past week, to a fresh coat of snow on the ground. It is unusual for Seattle proper to have snow at all, but as we are 25 miles NE of Seattle and we are at about 440 feet, we get snow when others just get rain. As a matter of fact, as we were driving home last night from my concert, it was raining until about 5 miles down the road, where the rain/snow line was situated.

The snow last night was fast, wet, and heavy. The roads close to our house were treacherous, made more so by the fact that people around here just don’t know how to drive in the snow. I had to slam on my brakes last night to avoid hitting a car broadside in the middle of the road.

The power went out over night. This too, is a frequent occurance here, and we keep debating between ourselves getting a generator, but since neither of us really know much about generators, and they are quite expensive, we are afraid of investing our money into something that does not meet our needs or that falls apart readily.

The first morning that we woke up to a coat of light snow on the ground, we were in Whistler, BC, where we spent the Thanksgiving holiday. Our friends rented out a Bed and Breakfast and 12 of us stayed there together. We all had our own rooms and our own bathrooms, so this was a lovely arrangement. I made the turkey, the gravy, some stuffing, cranberry sauce and deviled eggs. For some reason, it is an odd thing that I make all of these things “from scratch.” Several people were noting that they were only familiar with the cranberry sauce in a can. I am sort of horrified by this, but I just smile and say “yep, I’m weird,” or something similar.

I am getting better at preparing these big meals, and as the kitchen had plenty of room, I did not get uptight at all. I am proud of myself for this. Also, the Sweetie and I had a good time, and didn’t bicker at all (which is quite different from the last time we were up there). Two years ago, we spent Thanksgiving up there, but I had just left work, and I think he was quite upset about that. Also, he had a cold last time, and we just couldn’t sleep at all because the condo we were staying in was over a Subway (the sandwich shop, not a train), where they played really loud music until about 3 in the morning as they were cleaning up the shop.

This week was uneventful yet busy. My new job is great, I’m really enjoying it. Moreover, I enjoy working from home. However, we are into the really busy season for the SCC and I am singing almost every night. We are trying to decide if we should go away for Christmas or not. I’m not especially looking forward to the holiday, but it will come and go as it always does and I will get through it as I always do.

Here’s hoping it doesn’t freeze tonight…