Strange moments where universes come together

At the end of next month, the Seattle Choral Company will be performing a concert in celebration of Black History Month. Tonight, we are rehearsing with our guest choir, the Sound of the Northwest.

Today is Martin Luther King day.

I’m getting to sing tonight with an African American choir.

To get there I’m driving on Martin Luther King Jr. Way.

Sometimes everything just comes together in an eerie, wonderful way.

The weekend of few responsibilities and no concerts

I had an incredibly busy week last week. My new job requires that I complete “touchpoints” each week with each of  my “advisees,” and because we had three 4 day weeks in a row, this meant I had to fit all of my “touchpoints” had to fit into those 4 days. Since most of my advisees are in different time zones, this means I’m on the phone by 7 or 7:30 AM. Friday, I was on the phone from 7 AM to 5 PM with barely time to pee.

So, when I hung up on my last call on Friday night, I broke one of my “Ruby Red Slippers” in half and took a bath with glass of wine in hand. Then, the Sweetie and I, having plowed through our 4 Netflix movies in house last weekend, started down the path of finishing the new batch (we get 4 movies at one time because we’ve had a Netflix account for so long, our 4 movie a month dealie is grandfathered in). We watched Shrek 2, which was amusing enough, especially considering that the week prior we had watched The House of Sand and Fog, Monster, and 21 Grams. Yikes. Between the incessant rain and the holidays and the movies, we were ready for euthanasia around here. Yep, it was a depress fest, and so I moved Shrek 2 up to the top of the old Netflix Queue so we had at least one cheery flick in house.

Saturday, I met with one of my SCC collegues at the Tully’s in Bellevue’s brandy dandy new Lincoln Center. This was the second time I’ve been to Lincoln Center in as many weeks, and I’m enjoying it. Bellevue, for those of you who don’t live in the area, is the snotty suburb across the lake from Seattle. There’s a section of Bellevue, called Medina, where some of the richest folks in the world live, including BillG. However, until fairly recently, Bellevue was mostly suburbia in spirit and reality. When I moved here, downtown Bellevue just about shut down at 6 PM every day. Downtown Bellevue has, for awhile, had more high rises than some “cities” you might see in less populated areas, so it could be particularly depressing on any given weeknight. I worked in a really crappy building there with cmyriam back in 1998/1999, and although we, along with our men, usually found good places to eat lunch, we all escaped at night.

Anyway, what I’m trying to say is that this addition to Bellevue, along with some changes that have happened in the past few years, have really made Bellevue a place where you can actually go at night and eat a good meal and even have fun. We went to the new movie theater there, and saw King Kong. It is, of course, visually amazing, although  we could have done without the bugs. The seats in this theater are incredibly comfortable, and it’s new enough in there that it does not yet smell like pee or like feet or whatever it is that movie theaters usually smell like. We went to dinner at Z Tejas, which has the best cornbread I’ve ever tasted in my life.

Sunday, we spent most of the day at home. Then, we headed out to Goldbergs for dinner (yay matzoh ball soup) and Fry’s to pick up a new headset for my phone because I broke my other one. Oh, and we bought a 500GB (!) hard drive.

What’s the point? I didn’t have yard work (too wet), I didn’t have a concert, I didn’t have a family or other party…it was a great weekend!

Things that make the ‘net worthwhile

I remember, back before I worked for the big software company, back when I lived on the East Coast, my feeling was that there was very little reason to spend much time on the computer outside of work.

The first thing that changed that was managing my money online using MS Money, waaaay back in 1995. Of course as the ‘net has grown and grown, and as I’ve come to appreciate the joys of Broadband, there is much more to occupy my time on the computer.

Up to the minute news, weather, and gossip always has appeal naturally, and I would be lost without Amazon and Google.

LJ, of course provides diversion. I enjoy reading about what my friends are feeling and doing, and I enjoy some of the LJ communities. One of my faves is the westwingquotes community. The best thing about WW is the dialog, and often reading an entry in that community makes my day brighter.

I think right now my favorite Blog is Kevin Smith’s My Boring Ass Life. I’m a big fan of Kevin Smith’s movies, and as he is a NJ native, from my very own county, even, I identify with him a great deal. What I appreciate most about him is that he, appears, at least, to be completely open and honest about what’s going in his life. Most recently he discussed, over two days, his experience with hemorroids and an anal fissure. Having lived through this, albeit second hand, with my husband, I found his description of the experience accruate, and most importantly, funny as hell.