Well we tried to do the weekend leek broth fast as discussed in “French Women don’t get Fat.” We lasted 36 hours, which is not bad, I guess. The Sweetie refused to eat any of the leeks (which is allowed), and so by this morning he was ready to give up. I ate the leeks, but the addition of some food to the diet just made me all the hungrier.

Usually, I don’t fixate on food, but as soon as I don’t have it, I’m completely fixated and cannot think of anything else. Anyway, all I’ve had today is a bowl of cereal and a (large) cup of coffee and I feel miles better. The leek broth was tolerable, and I didn’t mind the leeks themselves, but my stomach was growling and I was obsessed with eating.

All better now 🙂


Las Vegas Pics

As promised, I’ve uploaded pics of our trip to Las Vegas. I’ve uploaded them all to the LJ Scrapbook, which, well, needs a lot of work. I’ve been using MSN Groups for years, but they, too, suck, and I’ve not seen any signs of improvement coming with all the new “Live” stuff.

I’ve been using The Costco Photo center, but you can only share pictures with people who you send email to, so that’s no good for blogging. I guess I’ll try Flickr or SmugSmug next.

Anyway, enjoy the pics!

Three little words that make the world a much better place

“You’ve been upgraded.”

That’s what we were happy to hear last night upon our check-in to the Bellagio. We have no idea why we were upgraded to a suite in the new Spa Tower, but, in the LJ vernacular, let me just say “OMFG.”

I have taken pictures of the suite and will share them when I return, but in the meantime, let me just say:

4 TVs
2.5 baths
2 Floor to Ceiling Windows (complete with electrically controlled draperies & sheers)
1 King sized bed
1 Spa tub
1 Steam shower

We are not, repeat not, paying a fortune for this room. As a matter of fact we decided to stay at Bellagio this time because we got a decent deal. Like I said we have no idea why we were upgraded, but we are enjoying every second of it.

This morning we went for our massages and the spa was lovely. The spa is just over a year old, as is the tower we’re staying in. It’s all incredibly decadantly posh, and well, yay.

This month, the botanical gardens have, naturally, a “Spring” theme. There are giant glass poppies and butterflies!!

By the way, our free upgrade happened after being taken directly to a taxi by a badged Airport employee (whom we tipped, naturally), and having an uneventful, fairly empty flight.

We are very very grateful for this lovely trip.

Concert aftermath

We made it through the concerts this weekend. I think both of them went really well, although, of course, there will forever be room for improvement.

I know I’ve mentioned in the past how talented the Sweetie is, but I don’t think I mention enough of how proud I am of him. He did all of the orchestration for this concert – attempting to reproduce a score that has not existed for almost 100 years. Plus, he played two instruments (bass & tuba). He is so incredibly talented, and because it comes relatively easy to him he takes it for granted.

I feel like I sang well. My voice is in good shape, and I knew what I was doing. I only had one accidental solo – which, given that I wasn’t looking at any music, just isn’t too bad.

We had a lobby experience and we were able to coordinate with another choir and celebrate diversity and African American History. We had dancers (!) and all around it was quite a wonderful extravaganza.

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