The Onion Peels Verizon’s Redonkulous Billing ‘System’ – Consumerist

Verizon’s customer service has to be amongst the worst known to mankind, and the Onion and the Consumerist help to illuminate this issue. 

Link to The Onion Peels Verizon’s Redonkulous Billing ‘System’ – Consumerist

I have (now) old fashioned DSL at the slowest available speed from Verizon, and any attempts to upgrade said speed have been met with confusion, misinformation, and inaction. The bottom line is that there is no physical way that our house can get a faster Internet connection, and much of my time could have been saved if someone would have just told me that outright.

 I understand there is a price you pay for living in the boonies. I can accept that lack of access to high speed Internet is such a price. What I cannot understand is crappy customer service when I’m paying a bloomin’ fortune for phone service every month.


You never know

I just did a Google search on one of my neighbors because I was too lazy to look up their phone number in the community phone directory.

I was somewhat surprised to find a strongly worded letter to the editor applauding the WA State Supreme Court’s decision to uphold the ban on gay marriage in the state.

I love America. I love that we can hold all these different opinions. And, I love that when gay marriage does become legal, I’ll be able to host a gay marriage ceremony on our lawn if I want to. And, I’ll make sure to invite the neighbors. 

6 Nights under the Big Sky (sort of)

On Monday, we drove from our home, approximately 30 miles NE of Seattle, to Whitefish, Montana. We have been staying here since Monday night because Trish, Hans & Phil are playing at a variety of venues here in the area. Tonight is their last gig. 

The reception to THP has been quite good. Not only are THP great musicians and a lot of fun to listen to, but there is a serious dearth of local live music in the area. That’s why John Simpson, of Simpson Motors, has decided to sponsor a series of acts for the area. He just recently moved here from Seattle, and was missing being able to listen to great music.

We are staying in a beautiful one bedroom condo at Kintla Lodge on Big Mountain, and it’s just been breathtakingly beautiful. Well, if you discount the fact that I had to stay inside all day every day working. That’s the advantage/disadvantage of being able to work from anywhere.

Last evening, after my final call of the day, we took the gondola all the way up to the top of the Mountain, and could see the Canadian Rockies, as well as the mountains in Glacier National park. 

Today we had hoped to drive out to Glacier National Park, but we slept in, and then when we did wake up, it was raining.

Anyway, I’m glad I finally made it to Montana. It’s just gorgeous here, and the people have been very friendly. I’ve been told it’s because it’s a resort community and everyone’s relaxed. For whatever reason, it’s a real privilege to have had this experience, and I’ll be dreaming about these mountains and lakes for a long time to come.

The Seattle Choral Company Announces its 25th Season

Tickets for the Seattle Choral Company’s 25th Season are now available.

Subscriptions & Information:

Single tickets: Brown Paper Tickets.

From powerful, large-scale masterworks to intimate, reflective a cappella, our new season salutes both performers and supporters who have brought us to this milestone year, so that we could look forward to our next quarter-century.

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