R. I. P. Hildy

In June of 2004, after having left MS, and realizing I needed another being in my life, I adopted Hildy (who was 2 years old, at least, at the time). I am allergic to cats and dogs (although I love cats) and I just wanted a little furry creature running around the house.

I found Hildy at Petco. She was fat, which meant she fit into this house just fine. She was black, which meant she matched the other pets in my family, and she was a loner, a trait with which I can identify.

When we went to PA to celebrate my stepfather’s memorial service, Hildy was staying with my friends, and she felt it was her time to go. So she went.

We buried her in the back yard with a small dogwood bush same said friends gave us.

I miss her wheek wheeking, and her need for carrots. She made me happy, and our house is a little sadder without her.