The great bra search of 2006

In the past few months, I’ve been increasingly unsatisfied with my bras. Now that I’m working from home I had mostly been going without, but due to age and gravity, that’s becoming a perilous thing to do.

I *used* to pass the pencil test, but alas, no more. Also, in addition to having large breasts, I have a broad back, both due to genetics and years and years and years of singing (take a look at opera singers – they all have large rib cages). Last, but not least, I have large nipples that need to be managed and restrained. When I put on a bra I have to make sure they line up and are in the right place otherwise I look like a car with its headlights out of alignment.

When I measure myself according to manufacturer’s guidelines, I always come up with a ridiculous result – one that would make it impossible to actually find a bra that fits. So, keeping in mind that I was primarily interested in finding a bra I could wear while working at home, I did a web search on “comfortable bras,” and I went shopping, and here are my results so far.