Beyond the contract

My year-long contract with a large software company ended on November 6th. That night, the Sweetie and I flew out to Vegas. I had gotten an invitation to stay at Bally’s for 2 nights for free and play in a slot tournament. I have wanted to play in a slot tournament for quite awhile, and ending work seemed like a good opportunity to go to Vegas (not that I need much of an excuse).

The first day of the tournament, I registered early, played in the 10 AM session (each session lasts 10 minutes) and came in second. I won $40 and entry into the final tournament of the day. I did not win anything in the final tournment, nor did I win in the next day’s entry, but I had a lot of fun, and heck, we got two nights free.

We also got massages (of course), went to see “Love” at the Mirage, and finally ate dinner within the restaurant instead of at the bar at Emeril’s.

Love” was one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen. We’ve seen all of the Cirque du Soleil shows in Las Vegas, as well as several locally, but this was the only one with music I know. It was all Beatles music, and it was so moving I broke into tears 3 times during the show.

I was less thrilled with Emeril’s, as I thought it was overpriced and underimpressive, and I miss the sandwiches they used to serve. However, the Sweetie got to eat their lobster bisque, which he claims is the best in the Universe. In fact, he said he’d work for a year in their kitchen for free to learn how to make it.

The plan for my work now is that I’ll return to the same job, but this time as a vendor so I will not have to take the mandatory 100 day break. My first day back is supposed to be February 14th, but until then I’ll be doing plenty for the SCC, as well as whatever stuff I can get done around the house. There are worse times to be off work than over the holidays!

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