Goin to see the Professor

Since I only have a month left in my 100 day break, I’m going to visit my friend the Professor in Richmond on Wednesday. He has lived in several different places since graduation, including Switzerland, and I haven’t been to visit since Philadelphia, so I owe him.

Yay for friends and for breaks and for husbands that are fine with me going without them.


Fall/Winter Weather Roundup (so far)

  • First we had snow in November: http://demarama.smugmug.com/gallery/2188277  -this caused a 4.5 hour commute home for the Sweetie.
  • Then, we had the wild wind in December: http://demarama.smugmug.com/gallery/2311785 – we were out of power for 3 days.
  • This past Friday, January 5th, we had another windstorm that brought a tree from the neighbor’s yard down. It happened to cross into our property, and lay on top of the utility box (you know, where the power company has to access stuff). So, we had a friend come over with his chainsaw, and we stood around flummoxed while he helped us clean it up.
  • Then, Tuesday evening, we got about an inch of snow.
  • Then, we had the yard guy come buy and haul a bunch of the tree debris away.
  • Then, no sooner had he left then we got another snow storm with about 4-5 more inches: http://demarama.smugmug.com/gallery/2341860. This caused a 3 hour commute for the Sweetie, but when the power went out, “at least,” we thought, “we can use our new generator”…but no! Our transfer switch is 20 AMPS and our Generator is 30 AMPs.   

Floaty memories

Occasionally, I get an idea about something to blog, but I haven’t been proactive about it. In fact, with my time off, I’ve been mainly catching up on my sleep, which leads to some interesting dreams/thoughts. For instance, upon waking this morning, I realized I don’t remember much about my orthodontist. I don’t remember their names, or too much about the office.

This occurs to me occasionally, because every time I go to my dentist, they remark about my “bite” and how perfect it is, and they ask who did it.

These thoughts about my orthodontist lead to trying to envision what the road looked like getting there. The trip to my orthodontist was along the same road that we drove to get to the grocery store. The area in which I grew up was rural enough that we had to travel about 10 miles to the grocery store. Before I had a driver’s license or was allowed out with friends, my father and I would go to Pathmark every Saturday night. Yep, that was our idea of fun. I loved it because I would hover in the cosmetic aisle for almost the entire trip – it was during this time that I started my addiciton to cosmetics. Also, Dad would encourage me to buy something to try and cook for us for dinner. It was because of these trips that I first attempted to cook fish; now that I live in Seattle, it’s a good thing I tried when I was 12 and got a head start.

Anyway, this was a road we traveled a tremendous amount and I find its memory slowly floating away. There are entire sections of my childhood that are gone, and more are going all the time. I don’t know if this is significant or not, and I guess at the end of the day I’m the only one who cares. I really do believe that at this point in my life it’s more important to live today.

It’s not just my childhood that is floating away. I’ve only been out in the PNW for 9.5 years, but I’ve met sooo many people in that time. When I go shopping, I regularly see people who I’ve met here. Frequently, I find it easier to avoid them then to try and remember their names, how I know them, or whether or not our relationship was positive.

OK, I need to go forget that I wrote this now. Who are you?

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