Never own a home

In my current job I work from home. This is really cool – except when it isn’t. Last week I was home, working, and the DirecTV guy showed up to install a new line cuz we got a new TV for our bedroom with our Costco & Costco American Express Rebate (now we have HDTV in the bedroom – that’s another story).

Anyway, the guy goes down in our crawl space, and says "uh, hello? you have a pretty significant leak down here, oh, and one over here."


I was about to get on the phone for a meeting so I asked my sweetie, via IM, if he wouldn’t mind calling the plumber. Long story short, the plumber came over and fixed the leaks, which were caused by two pinholes in our copper piping.

Good things for which I am grateful:

  • We are fortunate enough to own a home
  • We are fortunate enough to be able to pay a plumber to fix the issue
  • The leaks were in our crawlspace, not in a wall or the floor or the ceiling
  • The leaks were fresh, cold, water, not dirty water.

However, the conundrum of working at home is that you cannot "leave work to go take care of the issue."

Re: the pinhole leaks, we don’t know what caused them. As with everything else, there are many conspiracy theories on the web, but they’re all near impossible to track down. Our house is only 15 years old, and our water is nearly pH neutral, and it doesn’t even have chlorine in it. There are theories about the house ground and treating the piping like an anode – this may have some relevance.

I just got out of the crawl space, bringing with me the dirty insulation and evaulating what still needs to be done. I’m sweaty and miserable, but, again, grateful it wasn’t worse. Let’s hope this is the end of that.


Degenerate? You decide

My friend Erin, who is one of the sweetest people on earth, shares my fondness for music, drink, and gambling.

On Saturday, the Sweetie had a gig at Tulalip, which is the biggest casino in the area. I called Erin, thinking he’d enjoy this.

My voicemail, sent at 2 PM,  went something like this:

“Because you’re a degenerate like me, I thought you’d like to know that Phil is playing at Tulalip tonight from 5-8, and I’ll be there drinking if you’d like to join me.”

At 4:55 PM, I was driving around the Tulalip parking lot looking for a place to park the pianist’s car, and my phone rang.

Me: “Hi Erin, where are you, are you gonna come by?”

Him: “Uh, I was actually already here when you called, and I AM NOT A DEGENERATE.”


Then he joined me for two cocktails and went and gambled some more. Yeah, sure, not a degenerate.

Anna Nicole and GenX

Upon Anna Nicole Smith’s death, my first thought was not “Oh, that’s a shame,” or “I’m not surprised,” it was “Damn – there goes another one of ‘us.’ “

Older generations had their own train wrecks, like Marilyn. The younger generation has Britney, Lindsay, Paris. But Anna Nicole was ours. You know, us, the ones born between the Baby Boomers and the Gen Y’ers. The ones born when it was less popular to have a baby.

There are just not enough of “us,” to go around, and we cannot afford to lose “our” train wrecks. Being born in the late 60’s and 70’s means we’ve had to spend our entire lives arriving after the Baby Boomers had already sucked the life out of things. My high school had to go to 3 shifts during the 70’s. By the time we got there, things were so much more relatively peaceful, I think the teachers were just worn out.

We’re not the “greatest generation,” and we’re not the “golden boomers.” But, we had Anna Nicole as a glorious shining example of what a mess you can create out of your life if you really try hard enough. And, she’s gone. Please for the sake of humanity, will someone in their 30’s to 40’s stand up and take her place?