My accent

Most people from out here say “Oh, you don’t have a NJ accent,” because well, they don’t know what the hell they’re talking about. There’s no such thing as one New Jersey accent.

Anyway, thanks to

[info]frodo_jim for passing along this meme.


What American accent do you have?
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Mid-Atlantic. This is what everyone calls a Philadelphia accent although it’s also the accent of south Jersey, Baltimore, and Wilmington. Well, everyone that lives near there, that is. Outsiders can tell you talk differently from them even though they can’t tell what your accent is.

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We’re going to start with “cot” and “caught.” When you say those words do they sound the same or different?

I know Alec Baldwin even better now

The whole hubbub about Alec Baldwin’s angry tirade to his daughter on voicemail makes me giggle. I know, I’m wildly inappropriate, but I’m just glad that kids still have miserable, angry parents. I think neuroses make us all much more interesting.

  recently remarked that he had a man crush on Mr. Baldwin, and I hope this does not break his heart.


Without going into too much detail, let me just say that it’s a shame that we didn’t have voicemail growing up. I found Alec to be rather tame, really.

Here’s hoping Ireland has budget for mental health professionals in her adult life.

The past month and a half

It’s been a whirlwind…

My mom came to visit for the first time in almost 7 years in early March, mainly to see the “My Spirit Soars” concert, which went very well. Mom and I had a great time, as she is as easily amused as I am. She is returning in May to attend the SCC Auction.

Then, there were auction meetings, and board meetings, and rehearsals for Carmina Burana. And then it was Carmina Burana, with the Pacific Northwest Ballet, all 8 performances worth, which finished today. Phil’s mum came in last week for the first weekend of performances. As she has spent a lifetime as a ballet dancer/teacher, I was keen to have her see it, and she loved it. She, unlike my mother, is NOT easily amused, and so it was a good thing that she rented a car while she was here, because she took off every day for parts unknown without me as I was tied to my home office working.

Carmina was tiring and stressful, but fun, as always. I do get so tired of herding kittens.

Kitten herding is not just for the SCC.Work has been going well, but it is, after all, work, and these past two weeks have been slightly more difficult because my manager has been on vacation and some things, like running the team meetings, have fallen on my shoulders. Oh, and we’re interviewing and hiring, and, and…

And, as I’m auction administrative chair, I’ve now got to pull the auction catalog together, and then there’s the database project that somehow became my responsibility.

Meanwhile, we had to pay the IRS many $$$$ which is, I guess, good on one hand because it means we earned enough to do so, but it has put some serious hurt in our cash reserves and we are in the process of refinancing the house.

The guinea pigs are doing fine. Oh yeah, Bubbles and Moo Moo, don’t know if I’ve written about them yet. We refer to them as the girls, although they do act much more like pigs.

I’m tired.