Retail Dreams

I sometimes invent new places in my dreams. I have had a recurring dream over the last year or so that I suddenly “re-discover” that at the end of my street is what I can best describe as a retail village. I have somehow forgotten that it was there, and then also find the bus/trolley that will take me down there.

Then, starting at the other end of the strip, I wind my way back to my house. Every store in this strip of stores is connected to the next, so you can walk through them all without ever going outside. Without fail, it seems that the very first presence on the farthest side is a library, of all things. I walk through the library and into a bar, and then from there into some other stores (which I don’t remember), and then through some other restaurants. One of the restaurants was quite fantastic – it is a recreation of the floor of the Colosseum in Rome, and the dinner tables are scattered throughout. In my dream, the name of the restaurant is “The Ruins,” which also the name of a restaurant in Seattle (I’ve never been to this restaurant, but I know it’s not a Colosseum).

It also turns out in this dream that behind the trees behind my house is the ocean. So, really, we *could* have an ocean view, but we want to look at the evergreens instead. So, I can walk down through the evergreens to the boardwalk, catch the trolley, and take it over to the shopping/restaurants. Oh, and I always forget about them, and always chide myself that I don’t go there enough.

At least it’s not a nightmare…