August 2007 in Review

In a continuing theme of summer going much too quickly this year, we spent most of August traveling. And, because we’re dorks, it wasn’t traveling to have fun, no, it was traveling so that the Sweetie could play with Trish, Hans & Phil. Our adventure with his psoriasis continued, but he began his Remicade treatments in the second week, and felt better almost immediately. His dieting led to a 35 pound loss, which cleared up his liver enough to allow him to start the medication.

I’m getting ahead of myself…

In the first week of August, we drove down to Portland. Trish, Hans & Phil were performing at the Four Freshmen convention. Like many of the “boy bands” of the 40’s & 50’s, they’ve kept going by replacing their members every few years. However, unlike most of those other groups, they play their own instruments, so every combination of artists brings a slightly different flavor to the group. These conventions bring together fans with Freshmen of the past. The highlights (for the fans) are two performances of the Freshmen. However, the Freshmen cannot play the entire time, so THP played a few performances and hosted a jam session. The convention was in the hotel, and since I had to keep working, I basically didn’t leave thTHP in Kalispelle hotel the entire time (fun, fun).

We had a week at home (during which the Sweetie got his first Remicade infusion, which was timely because his psoriasis in Portland was almost unmanageable), Then, we drove out to Kalispell, Montana. Again, the plan was that I would keep working; as a matter of fact, I was on the phone for quite awhile during the drive out. We got to our hotel by about 9 PM and were disdained to find that they hadn’t heard of us, and we almost turned around and came home. It all got worked out, and THP played 6 gigs in 5 days, and again, I spent most of that time trapped in the hotel room working. Oh, and the air was full of smoke from forest fires. 

THP finished on Sunday night, and the Sweetie and I hopped in the car and drove home through the night. I worked Monday, and then took the following Tuesday through Monday off.

Trish waiting to go on air at WOR Tuesday night, we flew out to New York. Trish, Larry, Hans, & Ken all stayed at a midtown hotel,and we stayed at my friend Greg’s apartment. Wednesday night, late, THP were interviewed on the “Joey Reynolds Show” on WOR. Now, I spent most of my early childhood listening to WOR, and so even just sitting in the lobby was really a surreal thrilling experience for me. However, the show itself, while kind of fun, didn’t really serve to promote their show very much, in my estimation.

Anyway, Thursday night we had no obligations. As Phil’s mom and her friend Robin had come into town,we decided to go to a show with them (they stood in the TKTS line for us). We saw Avenue Q, which was GREAT (things were looking up!).

Friday night was the first show at the Metropolitan room. Of course, I was disappointed that I was unable to get more of my friends and family there. The band couldn’t believe that I could travel 3,000 miles and there were so many people who wouldn’t travel an hour to come see me. However, as Phil always says, I should focus on the people who ARE there, and not the ones who aren’t, so…

Phil at the Metropolitan Room …My former boss and his lady friend took me out to dinner, and then we went to the show. Phil’s mom and Robin, my ex Lawrence, and former singing buddy Ray were all there. The show went great, and we went out afterwards and I got uh, um, yeah drunk, that’s the word.

The next day, Phil’s mom, Robin, Phil, and I saw “Wicked,” which was AMAZING. Then, that evening was the second show at the Metropolitan Room. My mom, my cousin Elizabeth, her fiance Barry, my Aunt Irene, my Uncle Don, my cousin Donna, my step-cousin Joanne, and step-a

unt Joan were all there, and again the show went swimmingly. Our hosts in Montana, John Simpson and Miriam Singer, also flew all the way out just to see the shows!

Greg and Irene got home on Sunday, so we had to spend one night in a hotel, but we did have a chance to have a nice brunch with them before we left. That night, we ate at Les Halles–mostly because I’m obsessed with Anthony Bourdain–and we weren’t disappointed.

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Open Letter to Mandy Patinkin

Dear Mandy,

I watched your (nearly) final episode on Criminal Minds tonight, and I still think you are the absolute best thing about that show. I have no idea why you decided to leave, or indeed, to piss off the network so, but I still support you nonetheless. I hope you really send the big FU message and get nominated for a supporting Emmy for your one last episode. You were the best thing about Dead Like Me. You were amazing when we saw you in your one man show, and most importantly, you are crucial in my development and love of the musical theater and have set a standard in your performance of Che in Evita that will forever go unmatched.

Of course, the great unwashed merely know you as Inigo Montoya, and I can forgive them for that, but you and I know that you are so much more.

Yours with love and devotion,