Fave Shows of the Moment

  I find for the past few months that most of the big Network megashows are not capturing much of my attention. Of course I watch Heroes. I love Heroes, but I don’t find myself dying to know what’s going to happen next. I don’t know why – perhaps I’m not emotionally attached to these people.

However, I spent most of my summer just completely obsessed with Mad Men, and I can’t wait for the writer’s strike to be settled so they can get started on a new season. I love the beauty of it, the men in it, the women in it, the clothes, the sets, the props, everything. I love the curvy women and the smoking and the drinking – I feel like I knew these people – these were the grownups when I was little. It’s set, of course, in 1960, 8 years before I was born. Given that my parents’ furniture was all, shall we say “previously owned” when I was born, it all looks eerily familiar, really.

My current absolute fave is Torchwood. Heck, if a show is British, I’m pre-disposed to liking it, if only for the scenery. However, this one really has me jonesing for the next episode. I like it *so* much that I hold off watching the normal resolution, edited version broadcast on BBC America every week just so I can watch it in all its glory on HDNet. I may even spring for paying for HDNet when DirecTV makes it a pay channel in two weeks. This show has made me want to visit Wales for chrissakes!

What’s not to love about very old, immortal, bisexual, beautiful lead character, after all? What about Gwen, who’s amazingly hot and amazingly down to earth at the same time? Or Owen, smarmy *and* hot? Or aliens that come here just to suck up the energy that comes from orgasms? Sign me up!

And then, there’s Journeyman. I didn’t want to like it. I wanted to be able to turn off the TV after Heroes every week. But now, I’m just  loving it, and I don’t know why. I guess time travel is always interesting (do we sense a theme here with my favorite shows of the moment?), but what makes this time travel particularly interesting is that it’s always within his lifetime, and always in San Francisco. Also, I just am intrigued by the fact that the lead character is a reporter at a newspaper. I would have thought the days of making a lead character a reporter were over, but here’s an effort to once again make newspaper reporting glamorous a la the Watergate era or um, Clark Kent, anyone? Plus, you gotta love a guy who takes his iPhone back to 1980 and then calls it a “calculator.” Or, who has to carry multiple versions of cell phones because he may just land back 10 years ago and be able to use an old one. Or, who has to scrounge for old currency because the new money looks like play money 15 or 20 years ago. Then again, maybe I just like him because he’s British, or even better, Scottish.

In my fantasy world, Don Draper, Captain Jack Harkness and Dan Vasser = men I spend lots of time with. I don’t know what it says about me that I’m so attracted to men who aren’t particularly sensitive or patient. Well, maybe I do and I just don’t want to talk about it. You draw your own conclusions. By the way, of the three, the sexiest is Don, hands down. And, he’s the least enlightened of the bunch; *sigh* – I’m incurable.

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