Mouse in the House (mice in the hice?)

There are two rodents that I choose to have in my house, but recently, we have been joined by some uninvited types. Yep, we have mice. It’s been 8 years with absolutely no vermin that I can tell, and all of a sudden we have mice. Now, having grown up in NJ, I can deal with this, but it’s all very new to the Sweetie, who apparently has never shared an abode with mice before.

So, here I am explaining that mice don’t really prefer cheese, they like peanut butter, and no, we don’t have to call in the exterminator quite yet.

Oh, and we are sharing mice dumping duty when caught.

I’m determined to get all the little buggers.

However, my father points out that here I am paying all this money and spending all this energy keeping foreign rodents when I  have some nice domestic rodents that I can have for free. Perhaps I shall catch one and send it to him as a present.


I have become an absent blogger

Mostly because I’m letting life happen instead of writing about it.

Really, the big news is that for my concert in February, we had a full house here. Of course, Victor was soloing, and stayed with us, but my mother-in-law was here too, as was, wait for it, MY FATHER. That’s right, now that I’ve lived here 10 years, my father and stepmother decided to come out and visit, and come to the concert. So, for the first time since we’ve owned the house, all 4 bedrooms were occupied! I was so shocked by this development, I found myself unable to blog.

The concert(s) went really well, and it was a fantastic experience all around. Once again, I played tour guide to the Seattle area, despite the absolutely crappy weather.

In other news, the “Street of Dreams” fires were on our road, about 2 miles from our house, so that was the excitement this Monday.

I’ve been taking voice lessons with another teacher, and despite the fact that she’s trying to tell me I’m a soprano, I’m enjoying it.

Work has been sort of intense, but still much better than any of my previous experiences. I continue to learn, and grow, which is always a good thing.

The sweetie has been doing well until today, when he had a reaction to his infusion, but we shall overcome this as well. Our real estate investments continue to be somewhat troublesome, but one has to be grateful for tax write-offs, I guess.

This coming week, my entire team, 19 of us, will be here for training. In April, I have another concert, and then our auction is in May. Pray for me.