Potentially Free Weeknights

Mom and me at the Auction  We had another successful auction on May 10. Because I was responsible for 11 guests this year, I actually ended up sitting at a separate table from my guests, but we were hosted by the lovely Jason and Brian, who took some great pictures.  Yes, that’s me, with feathers in my hair. I bought the gown on Ebay, had the jewelry custom made, and was honored to have my friend Cindy do my hair. Rio baby!!

My mom, who visited to help with, attend, and help me pick up the pieces afterwards, also had a good time, and in a fit of crazy generosity, bought for us the “SCC Wine Cellar.” Every year, the members of the SCC donate various and sundry bottles of wine which get packaged together for one lucky bidder. This year, it was about 78 bottles (!) of all types. Last weekend, mom and the Sweetie spent most of Saturday cleaning the garage so we could store all bottles.  Now, if you invite me to a party, you know what you’re getting as a host(ess) gift. You’d better like wine!Me and the sweetie at the auction

Now I find myself with free(er) weeknights. I have a few more obligations. I need to send personal thank yous to my guests (I’m in process on that), and as administrative chair, I also need to print/prepare all the thank you letters for all donors and attendees. Once I get that done, my days will consist of work and my personal life…hard to believe, really.

The Demaree wine "cellar" I’m debating not singing in the Christmas concert this year. Last year, we did not do a Christmas concert, and I actually found December to be somewhat enjoyable. Also, not rehearsing/participating in a concert in the Fall will mean that I could potentially audition for the MS Theater Troupe show for the Fall (whatever that turns out to be). In expectation of that, I hope to get serious about my voice lessons for the summer.

Our friends Dave and Rita were the lucky bidders on a week in Greece at the auction, and they generously have invited us to join them. So, we may find ourselves in Greece for a week in July, followed by a weekend in Boulder in August, and then 10 days (or so) in NJ in October. October will be my 40th birthday, and while I had visions of a real getaway, my cousin has decided to get married during that time, so instead, we will be celebrating my 40th where it all began. I return to the motherland to give honor and praise to the land that bore me. Or something.

Speaking of 40, on Mom’s last day in town, we went to the Zoo, where we saw, amongst others, the orangutans that also were born in 1968. Chins up twins! They say 40 is the new 30. Or something.


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We is beeyootiful??


It’s finally happened…an event with which I’m associated is referred to as having "beautiful people." Hah! The Seattle Choral Company Auction (for which I’m the administrative chair) is referred to in the blog entry below, although funnily enough there are no actual pictures of our event. Just as well – we singers like to eat :-).


Beautiful people and where to find them….