OK, I wish I didn’t have to say this out loud, but here it goes

There’s a reason (in addition to his actual personality) why Obama always appears cool, calm, and collected. He simply cannot appear as the “angry black man” and have *any* chance of getting elected. If the Dem nominee was Mr. T, or even Bernie Mac or Chris Rock,  or any rap/hip hop artists or, heck, even Richard Pryor or Muhammad Ali, he would stand absolutely no chance at all. Middle America, whoever they are are, if he appears at all militant, angry, or resentful, would reject him out of hand.

So, get over the fact that he does not “attack” his opponent. If we are going to see change in this country, and going to get some diversity in the Whitehouse – ever- we have to start with a “black” man who is a cool cat.

Our dear friend, who happens to be black, knows that he must make sure that all of his shirts are ironed and that he always looks immaculate, because he was taught if he goes out looking any less so, that he will be judged far more harshly than a white man.

This is the reality. McCain is allowed to be an angry white man because, well, we’ve all grown up with angry white men of his generation our whole lives. However, people don’t cross to the other side of the street when McCain is on the sidewalk. If Obama got as pissed off as he should be, he would have never gotten as far as he has.

So, here’s the thing – Obama is this guy – and you know, you totally want this guy running your ship: