Grandma’s Zucchini Rounds

A general request from my friend (also named Kathy) for breakfast muffins that contain zucchini prompted me to offer Grandma’s Zucchini Round recipe. During my childhood, I spent at least one week a summer with Pop-Pop and her, and as such was exposed to various vagaries of her kitchen. Because zucchini is abundant in New Jersey in the summertime, she often made these, and I found them tasty then as I do now.

As with her recipe for cole slaw, I will include it below exactly as she wrote it, then follow up with my own notes.



Mix together biscuit mix & cheese. Stir in beaten egg. Fold in Zucchini. Melt oleo in skillet. Using 2 tbsp. mixture for each round, cook about 2 or 3 min. on each side or until brown. Makes 6 rounds.

  • By “biscuit mix,” Grandma means Bisquick. Now, if you’re a real baker, you can figure out how to approximate this without resorting to the mix. Me? I use the shortcut.
  • By “unpared” she means “not peeled.” I find that this term is not used broadly anymore in recipes. As to how you actually cut up the zucchini – I have tried different preparations, but the easiest is to use a veggie peeler to just peel pieces, or to use a mandolin.
  • By “oleo” she means “margarine.” Margarine has never entered my adult household. I don’t believe in it. You can prep the pan with either butter or oil or a combo thereof.

Finally, I find this mix to be dry (and, of course, lumpy) and I often have trouble making as much out of it as she indicates. I don’t know if she used huge eggs or what. Sometimes I have added a bit of water or milk to loosen things up a bit, however, the zucchini does add water, so be judicious. You can also play with the amount of zucchini if you want less zucchini laden cakes.

Serve with butter (mmm). Because these are savory, you can do them for breakfast or lunch, or as a dinner side dish.


AT&T and My Superpower

I believe every normal human has at least one superpower, and perhaps more. I have identified in myself at least two:

  1. Free liquor
  2. The ability to identify what (famous) voices are used to narrate commercials.

More on #1 in some other entry.

Re: #2, please note that I’m not claiming to know the name of every voice-over actor. There are lots of them out there, and I don’t know those voices by name. No, I mean when a well-known actor, narrates something, usually a commercial, I can identify them from the sound of their voice. This is a useless talent, but like most normal human superpowers, it makes for good cocktail conversation.

For example, do you know that Kevin Spacey is the voice on Honda ads? Or how about those Michigan tourism ads? That’s Tim Allen.

Usually, this power kicks in on the first or second hearing of a given commercial. But recently, there was a campaign that stumped me for quite awhile. Then, one day, on the umpteenth hearing, it struck me. Take a watch – recognize the voice?


It’s Peter Krause! Now that I’ve figured it out, I hear these ads all the time, and I mean ALL THE TIME. However, I got an email from Free the Internet this morning that indicates that this merger may not come to pass.

I have to say I’m kinda glad that T-Mobile and AT&T might not merge, although I’m sorry that Pete will lose the incredible $ he must be making from this campaign.